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A delicately choreographed whatever the hell it is they’re doing.

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One B&B moment per season !

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New pyjamas! Bambi. ☺ #disney #bambi #pyjamas


this is so perfect omg I can’t with them

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Abandoned dog that lived under a dumpster for 11 months is rescued and adopted [x]

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why shoot and score when you can not shoot and score


why shoot and score when you can not shoot and score

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You know why I like the dance scene so much? Because it’s a beautiful metaphor of what their lives have been together.
When they first meet, both Booth & Brennan tried to force the other into their own direction. Booth intended to pull Brennan in by showing her kindness and gentleness, while Brennan wanted to do the same with him but using logic and rationality instead. When they were rehearsing their dance something similar happened, as they both compited to impose their own ideas and make the other one give in. At the end they decided to concede and dance as a true pair, finding a point of balance in order to reach their goal. They did the same thing at their professional and personal life, they realised they had to learn from the other and accept their differences if they ever wanted their partnership to work, and eventually their relationship. To sum things up, they learned how to dance together through life, that’s why Booth says: “It’s never gonna end, it’s always gonna be just like this”.

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"Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with a rising star… a truly talented and intelligent actor at age 15, Gavin MacIntosh.

he recently signed on to Bones as a recurring character in Season 10. No word yet on which character he will play but he did give me this hint: it’s a…

If they’re doing a time jump, it could be Michael, no?

That would be 10 years time jump. Yet Christine stays four, so I don’t think so.

The kid looks very much like a younger version of David so yes, Parker it is. Also, if you read the transcript from the TV Tango phone interview, they talked about it there. This kid is also the same age as Ty. Perhaps Ty just wasn’t interested in doing TV anymore and they had to recast the role.



dancing in public:


dancing in the shower:image

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My work colleagues are great! They got me a cake to celebrate my birthday, a card and money. 😊



Another thing I love about the season 9 DVDs: when Hart Hanson mentions on the commentary that Emily Deschanel does Brennan’s “little girl face” when Brennan is sad/vulnerable/insecure/etc., and how brilliant it is because it’s…